SureSeal Pressure Adhesive Bandage

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: Pressure Bandage

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SureSeal® pressure bandage consists of a cellulose sponge pad on an adhesive strip


The SureSeal Adhesive Bandage works by expanding when the material makes contact with blood. The expansion of the bandage will exert pressure on the site to help control the bleeding. In addition, there are adhesive strips that surround the pad on each side. The adhesive strips help secure the bandage in place, which ensures a stable and protective seal.

SureSeal Pressure Adhesive Bandage Features and Benefits

  • Expanding material.
  • More effective than gauze.
  • Versatile.

SureSeal Pressure Adhesive Bandage Specifications

  • Product Number: 85100
  • Sizes: 1 x 2-3/4" 
  • Application: Hemostasis.
  • Manufacturer: Gainor.
  • 100/BX