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We are excited to announce that our Nitri-Sure® (109 series) and Eclipse® (104 series) went through an upgradeThese products (actual gloves) have not changed, only the packaging. Nitri-Sure® and Eclipse® (powder-free nitrile examination gloves) ran with new graphics in May 2019 and will be transitioning into the market. 

Nitri-Sure® Packaging Updates

Nitri-Sure® Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

+ UDI Barcoding for optimum quality control
+ Color-Coded Size Indicator for increased usability
+ Spanish Translation

*Tested for use with Chemotherapy Drugs: Per ASTM D6978-05
The back of the box will include the series of testing that our gloves have gone through to insure that they are not only Chemotherapy drug resistant but also that they perform at their best in even the worst scenarios.

Eclipse® Packaging Updates

Eclipse® Powder-Free Black Nitrile Gloves

+  UDI barcoding for optimum quality control 
+  Color-Coded Size Indicator for increased usability 
+  Spanish Translation

Glove Quick FAQ's

Why the change of color on the packaging?

We wanted the color of the glove boxes to match the pigment of the actual gloves, as much as possible.This update will allow users to have a better glimpse of the color of the gloves, simply by observing the exterior glove boxes.

Tell me more about the color-coded sizes...

We wanted the glove box sizes to be more distinct, especially from a distance. Our new color-coding size system will eventually be on all new packaging, and will aid users in finding their size, more quickly. Please reference charts below for corresponding sizing and color.

Tell me more about the UDI barcode?

Many of our glove boxes and other private-label products will be transitioning to include a UDI barcode. UDI system, or unique device identification system, was established by the FDA to adequately identify medical devices sold in the United States from manufacturers through distribution to patient use. UDI barcodes enable users to more rapidly and precisely identify a device, and obtain important information concerning the characteristics of the device.

Does the new "CHEMO TESTED" label mean that the Nitri-Sure gloves have altered its components physically?

The physical components of the Nitri-Sure gloves remain the exact same. Our manufacturers are continually increasing their standards, and testing their gloves against chemicals. The "chemo tested" labeling means that our Nitri-Sure gloves have officially been officially certified as per ASTM D6978-05 standards. Without passing these tests and getting certified, we are not able to label our glove packaging as being chemotherapy drug resistant. 

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