Frequently Asked Questions

Does AOSS have their own brand?

Yes! We have our own brand of Nirtrile, Latex, and Vinyl Gloves. Along with our own line of lab coats, frocks, gauze, and bandages. One of our main focuses in innovation is expanding our own product lines in order to offer our customers quality products at the best price point possible. With the AOSS stamp of approval you know you are getting a product you can trust.

What markets does AOSS service?

At AOSS we are able to serve just about any market! We have established ourselves as a medical supply company specializing in dialysis and plasma. In recent years we have begun to offer products to EMS, Dental, & Tattoo. We have a very strong focus on schools. We are able to build fully custom nursing/med school kits in our FDA-Certified Kit Packing Facility. We also have products to service the Food & Beverage Industry, Spa. and Janitorial. There is no limit for what AOSS can bring to the table!

What are the difference between nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves?

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How to place orders?

If you are a consumer you can shop right here on Simply click add to cart and follow through to check out! If you are purchasing products for a facility and would like to set up an account for special pricing please visit our Contact Us page and a customer service rep will reach out to you once we receive your message. 

A product I want to purchase says "Physician's License Required" what next?

Some of the products on our site require a physician's license to purchase. If you are trying to purchase a product with this warning you will need to visit our Forms page and submit a copy of a valid physician's license before we can release the product for shipment.

What type of kits does AOSS offer?

AOSS offers several it packing solutions to help improve overall cost effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity at your facility. Types of kits include: Medical Kits, Education Kits, Emergency Preparedness Kits, & Correctional Facility. Visit our Kit Packing page to get more information. Don't see what kind of kit you're looking for? No worries! Contact to speak with an AOSS team member.

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