Masking Tape 5.0 Mil Thick 1/2 Inch x 60 Yards 72 Rolls

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: Masking Tape

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AOSS Medical Supply

Masking Tape:

Masking tape is low adhesive tape, primarily used in the painting industry. The low adhesive allows this tape to easily be removed once a job is complete and leaves no residue or damage behind. It is very easy to tear and comes in a variety of sizes, useful for even the most intricate of jobs.

Utility Grade Masking Tape:

Utility grade masking tape is designed to protect wood, metal and glass during the painting process Easy to use and tear it helps to achieve a clean and professional look. It can also be used for labeling, identifying and bundling. Once finished, this is easily removable and leaves no residue or damage to where it was applied.

Item Specifications:

● Unwinds Smoothly.

● Water and Oil Resistant.

● Long aging, non-yellowing.

● Designed for Internal Use only.

● Ivory Color, Total Thickness: 5 Mil.

● Can also be used as a sealing device.

● Light, easy to tear and peel off of surfaces.

● General Purpose Masking Tape for Non-Critical Applications.

● Great to use for projects such as home makeovers and painting.

● Instant Adhesion/Sticks to Wide Variety of Irregular Surfaces.

● Standard 3” core diameter - common size for most tape dispensers.

● Heavy duty Backing, Hand Tear-able with High Edge tear which resists Silvering and Splitting.

Sold by the case: 72 rolls