AUVI-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector, USP (2/BX)

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Proof of physician's license must be provided.
AUVI-Q® (epinephrine injection, USP) is a prescription medicine used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, in people who are at risk for or have a history of serious allergic reactions.
Each prescription pack will contain 2 auto-injectors and 1 trainer. The Trainer for AUVI-Q does not contain a needle or medicine and can be reused to practice an injection. It is important to practice with the Trainer for AUVI-Q before an allergic emergency happens to ensure you are able to safely use the real AUVI-Q in an emergency.
AUVI-Q was designed to be easy to carry and easy to use for whoever may be called upon to use it. It features:
  • AUVI-Q is the first and only epinephrine auto-injector with an auto-retractable needle
  • About the size of a credit card and thickness of a cell phone, AUVI-Q fits in most pockets
  • It has an electronic voice-instruction system which helps guide users through an injection, step by step
  • 5833-02 AUVI-Q 0.3mg for anyone weighing 66lbs or more
    • Strengh: 0.3mg
    • NDC: 60842-023-01
    • Storage Requirements: Store at room temperature 68° to 77° F (20° to 25° C)
      EXP: 6/21/2023