Serim® GUARDIAN™ HiSENSE ULTRA 0.1™ Test Strips

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: Chlorine Test Strip

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Serim® GUARDIAN™  ULTRA 0.1™ Test Strips provide a quick and convenient semi-quantitative test for indicating low levels of total chlorine(chloramines/free chlorine) in feed water used to prepare dialysate. 

The AAMI Standard (2008) has established maximum allowable levels for chlorine of 0.5 ppm and 0.1 ppm for chloramine. According to Guidance Document ANSI/AAMI RD62:2006, a single test for total chlorine may be used with the maximum allowable concentration of 0.1 ppm total chlorine. 

 ULTRA 0.1 also provides a convenient means for indicating the concentration of residual chlorine (chlorine bleach) remaining in the water used to rinse dialysate lines following disinfection of hemodialysis equipment.