Dynarex Secure Abdomnal Combine Pad, 5" x 9", Sterile

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The Dynarex Combine Pads provide areas in the abdomen region with the coverage from a wound dressing in order to match areas that are flatter and more elongated. The high absorbency wounds are able to catch and retain wounds with high drainage to keep the fluids from seeping out and staining clothing, causing a mess on the skin and being a home for germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly; optimal for wound care.

The Dynarex Sterile Combine Abdominal Pad is offered in a few sizes to provide comfort - the sizes range from a 5 X 9-inches, 8 X 7 1/2-inches, and 8 X 10-inches, all are able to cover wounds that are more commonly found around abdomen areas either naturally through injuries and accidents or by surgery such as medical incisions. The rectangle shape of the abdominal pad is made with a non-woven design, this is a great feature when it comes to removing of the pad because it will not pull on the scab or wound healing around it, and will not cause itching or harm to the patient - the less pain, the better.

The Dynarex NonWoven Combine Pad with High Absorbency as mentioned, is provided and packaged individually for sterilization - as long as the package is not accidentally opened before use. Using a sterile pad reduces the risk of bacteria, virus, and fungi growth on wounds when in the healing stage. The sterile pads are best used for post-surgery procedures and are the preferred medial method of treating surgical wounds.

Product Features and Benefits

  • High Absorbency for Draining Wounds
  • Variety of Size for Different Size Wounds
  • Non-Woven Design
  • Provided Sterile and Individually Packaged
  • Rectangle Shape for Best Abdominal Coverage

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Dynarex
  • Product SKU: 3501, 3502, 3503
  • Application: Abdominal Pad
  • Material: NonWoven / Fluff
  • Number Per Pack: 1 per Pouch
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Latex Free Indicator: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex