Traceable® Temperature and Temperature Humidity Data Loggers with TraceableGO™ Wireless Capability and Calibration

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AOSS Medical Supply

Key Features:

  • Connect to your data via smartphone or tablet—any Bluetooth-enabled device—using a downloadable Bluetooth App
  • View and download data with free TraceableGO App
  • Data loggers store up to 90 alarm events
  • Readings and setup parameters easily viewable on large 2" by 1" LCD
  • Get accurate, reliable measurements with included NIST-traceable calibration
  • Monitors temperatures below –80°C ensuring critical samples are not compromised
  • 10-ft (3-m) FEP-coated cable has 316 SS tip for rugged durability
  • Platinum RTD sensor provides wider range and greater accuracy

Track environmental conditions of reagents, clinical samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and food items during transport to any location—Bluetooth loggers monitor shipments while in transit. Compact, durable data loggers fit almost anywhere—even inside a small cooler. 

Configure the data loggers from your device using the TraceableGO App to start; stop; change memory mode, unit preference, alarm setting, logging interval; and enable/disable alarm. When all the parameters are set, simply press START on the logger to begin monitoring. Once the shipment is delivered, double press START/STOP on the logger to enable Bluetooth and export the data to your device. You will get an immediate response to see if your contents have been exposed to conditions outside the set parameters. 

Measurements are updated every 5 seconds with user-defined reading intervals from 1 minute to 12 hours in 1-minute steps. Logging duration is 227 days (7.5 months) on a 5-minute logging interval. Data loggers store up to 90 alarm events. Data logger displays current reading, Min/Max, and run time or alarm time. 18004-13 only: Display toggles between temperature and humidity measurements every 5 seconds. 

You have the option to subscribe to cloud-based TraceableLIVE® service to upload data to cloud—ideal for tracking data from multiple loggers or to comply with regulatory agency requirements. The low-cost TraceableLIVE subscription provides unlimited trip data to be saved on the cloud as well as the ability to send a report to an email. 

Traceable® products are calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and ready to use as soon as you receive it. Each product goes through an intense vetting process before it can carry the Traceable name, and it includes NIST-traceable certification. This means that a 17025-accredited calibration test lab has confirmed that the product meets or exceeds all stated specifications, saving you both time and money by not having to calibrate separately. 
NIST-traceable calibration also helps you meet quality standards and regulatory compliance for ISO, FDA, cGMP, VFC, CAP, CLIA and Joint Commission requirements.

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