ENDOTEK BIG 60 - Inflation Device 12 atm

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: Non-Vascular Inflation Device

: Merit Medical

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Merit Endotek’s BIG60 Inflation Device is designed to inflate and deflate non-vascular balloon dilators while accurately monitoring and displaying crucial inflation pressures. Our ergonomically designed 60ml inflation device is a one-piece, easy-to-use device that pairs Merit’s market-leading inflation device experience with our non-vascular stent technology

  • Convenient All-in-One Design
    Requires no assembly or cleaning before use and is completely disposable.
  • Lock Release Handle
    Allows for easy and accurate inflation and deflation.
  • High Pressure Flexible Tubing
    Enables flexibility in positioning the device when attached to a balloon catheter.
  • Angled Pressure Gauge
    Designed to provide accurate pressure readings in low light environment. Available in both analog and digital configurations.

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