Cardinal Health 505000 Filac 3000 AD Electronic Thermometer, Oral/Axillary, 4' Cord

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Overview for Cardinal 505000 Filac 3000 AD Electronic Thermometer, Oral/Axillary, 4' Cord

A thermometer is a device that measures temperature, which is often an indicator of underlying health conditions. Electronic thermometers are recommended for professional use, due to their heavy-duty design, and may be used to obtain accurate readings orally, rectally, or under the arm (axillary). Covidien/Kendall's Filac™ 3000 AD electronic thermometer is fully modular and customizable and features advanced thermometry technology for easy, accurate, fast readings in all settings.

The Filac™ 3000 AD is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive, icon-based interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD. Its durable yet lightweight body stands upright on flat surfaces and may be mounted with its mountable, key-lock base to a mobile stand or wall (mounts sold separately) for additional security and convenience. The unit runs on 4 inexpensive, user-replaceable AA batteries and boasts an energy-efficient auto-on/auto-off feature to conserve battery. This feature allows the thermometer to take 6,000 readings before needing new batteries. 

The thermometer's innovative design reduces cross-contamination and promotes hygienic, sanitary use. It includes one of two color-coded probes - blue for oral/axillary and red for rectal - to avoid confusion; each probe fits into a color-coded isolation chamber to further prevent mix-ups. Even probe cords are color-coded! The device's main body also includes an integrated probe cover holder.

The Filac™ 3000 AD thermometer provides unmatched accuracy and speed in temperature reading. In normal mode, oral readings are accurate to +/-3° C and are completed in 3-5 seconds; axillary readings are accurate to +/-1° C and completed in 8-12 seconds; and rectal readings are accurate to +/-1° C and completed in 10-14 seconds. Users may toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement with a simple push of a button. The unit features a pulse timer with 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-second settings for convenience.

In oral applications, the thermometer may also be used in Quick Mode, which provides faster, more accurate readings. The thermometer may be programmed to automatically shift to Direct Mode, a slower mode for temperature monitoring, when readings are lower than normal, such as in hypothermic patients. Users may also select Cold Mode for patients with lower body temperatures as is typical in post-operative situations; the probe automatically preheats to 91° F prior to use in Cold Mode.