B Braun Dialog+® Hemodialysis System Bloodline Set, 24/cs

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With post-pump arterial drip chamber.
Dialog+® Hemodialysis System Bloodline Set, 24/cs
He Dialog+ sets standards with its three basic device configurations for extracorporeal blood treatment; single pump, double pump and HDF On-Line. The integrated and efficient treatment system permits users to have the greatest number of possible configurations in setting up the individual dialysis device. The new generation of the Dialog+, the Evolution II, demonstrates numerous comfort improvements for providers and patients. It also rigorously meets today's economic and medical needs. Options, accessories and consumables offer customers a single treatment system that fits together perfectly.

Adimea - Precise real-time measurement of dialysis dose One of B|Braun's aims is to provide doctors and nursing staff with the best-possible support for giving patients the optimum dialysis dose. The basis for this is continual precise measurement and display of the dialysis effectiveness during treatment. B|Braun has developed the Adimea real-time monitoring process.

Adimea measures dialysis efficiency by determining the reduction in molar concentration of urinary excreted substances in the spent dialysate. Hence, Adimea provides an accurate measurement process for reliable and continuous control of the dialysis dose (Kt/V) throughout the entire treatment. Treatment parameters can be adjusted by doctors and nursing staff for the benefit of patients even during treatment. This allows the equipment to optimally support the execution of the treatment objectives.