AOSS Nitri-Sure® Blue Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves - Case

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AOSS Brand Nitri-Sure Gloves

… are the Cadillac of nitrile gloves. Nitri-Sure gloves are used to conduct medical examinations, diagnostics and therapeutic procedures while protecting the patient and user from cross contamination. Nitri-Sure gloves conform to ASTM D6319 Standards and have a high tensile strength even when aged. These gloves have a beaded cuff and textured fingertips to give added protection with increased grip. Nitri-Sure gloves are easy to don, soft, comfortable and provide all of the required barrier properties for a wide range of healthcare applications.

Nitri-Sure gloves define the expression “Fits like a glove”, because even after extended wear, you will barely notice that you are wearing them!

200/BX, 10BX/CS = 2000 / CASE